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island of gorgona

island of gorgona

The most northern (43°25' 37 '' lat. North) and the smallest island of the Archipelago, is extended for 220 hectares and tos be distant approximately 37 km from Livorno, 39 from Capraia and 60 from the Corsica. It has a coastal development little more than 5 km and is territory of the common one of Livorno. Approximately 150 km (80 miles) they separate it from the island of the Giannutri, most southern. Inhabitants: approximately 300, comprised the prison population. The HISTORY The Gorgona, the ancient Urgon inhabited perhaps from the Etruschi, sure from the Roman as they testify the rests of a construction to the Plan of the Dead men, was inhabited in medioevale age from monaci and saw to rise monasteri to work of Benedettini and Cistercensi. From it the king Desire before transported to Brescia the body of Saint Julia, martirizzata three centuries in Corsica. In the 1283 island he passed to Pisa that constructed the Old Tower to you, therefore in 1406 was occupied from the Doctors to which must fortification works. The Certosini returned as a result of that held it until 1777 when the Granduca Peter Leopoldo redeemed the island and tried of ripopolarla, but without succeeding to you. In 1869 finally it was transformed in agricultural penal colony.

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