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14 turn podistico of the island elba

14 turn podistico of the island elba

Podistica race to stages reached 14^ the edition that is carried out in the first fortnight of the month of May in the splendid spring frame that the island of Elba only knows to offer to its hosts in that period. The stages are five and snodano on mixed distances of the length that varies from the 13 to the 15 km every day carrying the athletes from the sea level to heights nearly mount some in little hundreds of meters. The stages touch, to spin, all the eight common ones that they form the Elban community. Before however, by now for tradition, dispute to Portoferraio, carrying itself the athletes on the splendid ones wall medicee that encircle it, offering one show of the unforgettable bay. The race is been born in the 1991 from the idea of a group of friends and has seen one constant increase of participants and of it combines to you that they pick the occasion in order to make a vacation on the larger island of the from Tuscany archipelago binding together sport and tourism in a sour and uncontaminated atmosphere which is that one of the island of Elba. TURN PODISTICO Of the ISLAND Of ELBA is lend very well in order to pass one week to Elba with the family to economic prices picking the opportunity to bind together to the sport one unrepeatable vacation. The slid edition has seen the 785 participants to land on the island of Pianosa. For before the time beyond thousand persons, between athletes, organization, judges, timekeepers, journalists and hosts have invaded, coloring it, the island of the devil, therefore called for its history of special penitentiary. PROMOSPORT G.S. ITALIA
Via Cipriani,3 tel e fax 0565/851503
57029 VENTURINA (Li)

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