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It is a locality in the Val di Cornia, located in the high Maremma of Livorno, near the river Cornia which flows into Piombino. The toponym Venturina dates back to the 1600s, but there have been human remains around the town since ancient times. The town was already known by both the Etruscans and the Romans for its thermal baths, located in the hamlet called Caldana (just from warm earth). The toponym Aquae Populoniae dates back to Roman times. In fact, there was a small settlement in this area. With the advent of the Middle Ages the territory was completely depopulated for the benefit of Campiglia Marittima due to the proximity of the malaria-bearing marshes (Piombino lake and Rimigliano lake). The baths were built around the main thermal crater. The thermal waters formerly known as Aquae Populoniae, are rich in sulfur, alkalis and earth, and flow from two distinct springs, at a temperature of 36 ° C with a flow rate of 12,000 liters per minute. The spas extend over an area of ​​about 60,000 m2 and are composed of a thermal establishment (where mud baths, baths, massages, hydromassages, aerosols and beauty treatments are practiced) and a large thermal pool. Known respectively as Bagni di Caldana and the Calidario lake, obtained from the primitive flood of the waters. Mausoleum of Caldana or Caio Trebazio Roman Mausoleum of Caldana The building, located at the intersection of Via dei Molini and Via Mattarella, dates back to the first century. A.D. approximately and it is likely to be identified with a monumental sepulcher built where the ancient Via Aurelia once ran, according to the typical tradition of the Roman world of placing the tombs along the extra-urban stretches of the main streets. Only the supporting structure remains today. The exterior of the building was to be entirely covered with marble slabs, of which no trace has remained since they were removed at an indeterminable age. The opening at the base of the monument is probably to be identified with the place where the sarcophagus, now disappeared, containing the ashes of the deceased was preserved, certainly a leading figure in the Roman populonian society. The mausoleum was hypothetically attributed to Caius Trebatius, a Roman patrician whose ring-seal, no longer available today, was found near Venturina in 1934. Church of the Holy Family The construction of the parish church was begun in September 1922, then blessed in 1934. In 1966 it was demolished and rebuilt with subsequent consecration in October 1967. The current building has a three-nave structure with trusses in the central nave in reinforced concrete. Inside is a 17th century canvas depicting the Madonna with child, a copy of the image venerated in the Sanctuary of Montenero in Livorno. Oratory of Santa Lucia It is the oldest religious building in Venturina, dating back to the 16th century and restored in 2015. It stands on a small hill above the Bottaccio, the hot water lake originated by the thermal springs now included in the complex of the Calidario wellness center. Museum of the Civilization of Labor Set up in a pavilion within the Venturina exhibition area, it contains a collection of tools used to carry out the work that characterized the economic activity of the Val di Cornia starting from the nineteenth century. It consists of about 12,000 artifacts, including tools of peasant labor and other trades such as the cooper, the saddler, the tinsmith, the rabbilla, the blacksmith, the wheeler. In the public park adjacent to the museum there is a model 835–062 coal locomotive dating back to the early 1900s that was installed in the park in September 1994.

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Shuttle Bus and Rubberized Train

Shuttle Bus and Rubberized Train

Starting from Monday 11 June and up to 16 September, the summer transport service begins, which is partly financed by the Municipality of Bibbona and partly by the Province of Livorno, and is part of the activity of the "Microlotto" of public transport, also entrusted 'year to the Amitour company of Rosignano, also including the service in neighboring municipalities such as Cecina, Castagneto Card...

Paid Parking in Rimigliano

Paid Parking in Rimigliano

From the first of June until September 30th, the paid parking lots along the Rimigliano Park in San Vincenzo to Torraccia from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm. Besides the compulsory ticket on the road of the princess, the 50 km / h limit is triggered. Along the way are located the appropriate columns to make the payment that can also be done by debit and credit card. In general, forms of facilitation ar...

Emergency Medical Summer

Emergency Medical Summer

With the start of the tourist season, the Medical Guard service is activated in San Vincenzo. The service provides medical assistance, outpatient visits, home visits, first aid, nursing assistance to tourists and urgent visits for residents. The Tourist Medical Guard is located at the Casa della salute in Piazza Giovanni XXIII and can be reached at 0565 67790. For the month of June it is act...

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